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The reason the rich are getting richer and you are getting poorer is not because the rich are smarter than you, or more educated than you...

If You're Tired of the Rich Getting Richer


You Getting Poorer...

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No human being in the United States of America is required, by law, to pay any federal income tax!

The secret the super rich and their government have been using for the past 101 years to keep you enslaved and doing their bidding...


This report is not intended to convince you or anyone else they should stop paying federal or state income taxes.

You and I both know that will never happen. At least until it becomes a matter of you or them. Then you might grow some balls.

What this report is about is you finding out and coming to grips with just how dishonest and treacherous your government is.

Then, and probably only then, will you consider an offer at the end of this report that will allow you to create a Plan B that is perfectly legal but totally unliked by the super rich and their government.

A question you might be asking: why do I charge for it?

Two reasons:
1. To make some money. I'm retired and can use the extra money.
2. If you're not willing to pay a few bucks to learn the truth and learn about a solution to the problem, you deserve to be screwed by the super rich

(P.S. They love ya for your cowardliness.)

Now, on with the sales pitch...

let's change the world

First a story...

Dear Fellow American,

Aesop here...

You know, the famed slave-turned-storyteller who wrote all those old tales about talking animals back in the day...

You've heard of me?

Oh good. That makes me quite happy

However that's not what I'm writing about today.

I'm actually writing about... you.

You see,

I was trying to come up with a tale with a good moral recently, and suddenly the name Vassal's Fable popped into my mind...

So today, I think I'll write a fable all about you.

They're usually pretty short, actually (maybe that's why they've lasted so long) -

So I've asked my good friend Jim Bullock if he would be kind enough to type this one up for me now (I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear it in my native Greek and he agreed.

So here it is... I think I'll call it...

The Fable Of The Vassal And The Fox

Vassal: serf, dependent, servant, slave, subject

Once upon a time, an American vassal (taxpayer) was sitting alone at his desk, wondering how in the world he could make enough money to free up some time and enjoy life more.

Suddenly, a magic link appeared on his computer screen.

The link said that it would show him why he wasn't legally obligated to pay any federal income taxes, at least according to the law.

The Vassal sat up a little straighter, thinking to himself, "Oh - if I didn't have to pay income taxes I not only could I pay off my bills, but the extra money might even allow me to... actually be free!"

This thought was so exciting, he decided he would go see how to do it.

But just then, a Fox appeared, sitting on his desk between him and his computer...

"Hist! Don't click that link,"

Said the Fox.

"Well, why ever not?" said the Vassal.

"Because," said the Fox...

"It might not work out... you don't even know how it works... and anyway, what makes you think YOU can do something, just because somebody else can?"

The Vassal thought for a moment, then he started laughing.

"What's so funny?" said the Fox, twitching it's ears.

"Well, just that I know who you really are," said the Vassal. "You haven't fooled me by appearing as a fox."

"Oh really," said the Fox. "If you think you're so smart, then I'll make you a promise: if you can say my name, I'll jump down and leave you alone."

The Vassal smiled.

"Your name is Doubt," you said.

And the Fox jumped down (but not before trying to steal your mouse ). And then, you clicked on that magic link that was still showing on your computer screen, and made yourself more knowledgeable on how the powers that be have been scamming you out of your hard earned money your entire life.

Moral of the story?

"Doubt shows up in many guises, but if you call it by its name, it will get out of your way." (And sometimes, you find a key to freedom in the bargain!)

Well that's your story for today. I hope you liked it

- Aesop

let's change the world


Ignorance + Fear = Doubt

Knowledge - Doubt = Courage

Courage + Action = Freedom

Here's some knowledge about the greatest con game ever...

ignorance is bliss... not

A Booklet Government/Big Business/Mass Media and the Super Rich Hopes Nobody Reads and Even Fewer Understand!

The experts all seem to agree. Having the people know what the laws say, is of little concern. But, when the people start to understand what the law actually means, then, the people who call themselves "government" are in deep trouble. A revolution is just around the corner.

That's why the laws are written the way they are - Incomprehensible. Deceitful. Fraudulent.

The people who write these laws and benefit from these laws know that the vast majority of Americans are not going to take the time to research the laws. To find out what they actually say. Let alone, what they actually mean or who or what they really apply to. They know the majority of people are going to do what they are taught to do, either by the government, the media, their parents, their schools, or their community. We're all being taught the same things:

  1. Go to school
  2. Get a drivers license
  3. Get a "normal" job
  4. Pay your taxes
  5. Obey the laws - as they are enforced
  6. Respect and obey authority
  7. The government is here to protect you
  8. The news media can be trusted
  9. What ever you do, believe your government, they would never lie to you
  10. 2 planes knocked down 3 buildings in New York City on 9/11
income taxes

A war where 58,220 American soldiers died, based on a lie!

A war where another 304,704 American soldiers were wounded in action, based on a lie.

And if you don't believe the lies they'll ridicule you and belittle you. Label you a conspiracy theorist.

Is it any wonder nothing changes?

There's only one thing the powers that be worry about: you learning the truth.

That is exactly what this ebooklet does and precisely why the powers that be are trying so hard to suppress it.

You'll learn how you were conned into volunteering and how to un-volunteer.

And, more importantly, you'll learn the dirty little trick the government uses to make you think the laws apply to you, when they really don't.

Best of all, you'll learn all this in a mere 19 pages.



24 Words and Phrases That Can Increase Your Take Home Pay By 20% To 80% - If You Just Knew What They Are And What They Mean!


24 Words and Phrases Every REAL AMERICAN Needs To Know The Legal Definitions Of!

Remember, nothing changes until you change.

If you're tired of being considered nothing more than a meal ticket for a bunch of bureaucrats, politicians, and bankers, learn some truth.

Its Time To

Its Time To

Learn the secrets that are buried in the over 17,000 pages of double speak that took me over 30 years to find and condense into only 19 pages for your benefit, just $7:

What do you have to lose?


The more people who know the TRUTH the FREER we all are.

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